Bridget Bailey makes artworks and sculptures that combine intricate making with the down-to-earth approach to life and death of an allotment gardener. They investigate aspects of nature from the growth-rhythm in a tangle of grass to the particular posture of a dead butterfly’s legs.

Finding a ‘making language’ to describe alive and growing, or dead and still, needs very different approaches. Showing variety in thinking as well as materials brings a level of diversity appropriate to her subject matter.

Bridget describes her making process as ‘interpreting’ nature – describing its qualities through translating it into other materials. These materials and techniques come from her textile and millinery background, taking on a new level of refinement in their context as artworks. Her recent work has been exhibited at Jaggedart, Byard Art and Made London Marylebone.

Background: Bridget studied textiles and made her first collection of millinery in 1984 for Jean Muir. She co-founded the Bailey Tomlin millinery brand, selling to clients from Liberty to Saks Fifth Avenue.

Her more recent practice working as an artist began in 2010.